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The user journey and experience maps are among my favorite documents in the processes of UXd. It took me a long time to understand why, but at the end it became more clear …

The experience map represent the experience of individuals in the interaction with a product or service. The maps are complex documents that welcome their achievement results, techniques and processes user experience design.
We can map complex services through many touchpoint or a simple interaction within of a single channel (site, map, etc.)

The UX maps are strategy
In customer map primarily there is a strategy UXD: objectives to be achieved, methods, tools, process planning.

The UX maps are research
They are also the product of the research: qualitative, quantitative, conducted through interviews, diaries, logs, surveys, ethnographic observation. The search results are the foundation of the map. To give life to these characters, action and history through personas, scenarios, use cases. There are profiles of real people, photos, actions, words, feelings and emotions.

The UX maps are co-design and creativity
Then there is the implementation allowing to space out between individual and choral sessions and participatory techniques, between deductive and analytical thinking.

In the journey map as a UX designer we are strategists, researchers, facilitators and creatives.

Our maps can be digital products or informal sketching tools covered with post-it, their value will remain unchanged.

The UX maps are tools of problem setting
The experience map documents are never ends in themselves, self-living tools: they collect the search witness and open doors to the solution of problems, because the maps are first of all markers of criticality, catalysts of the problem setting.

The UX map documents are bridge, open and dynamic
This nature is not defined and not final, but open and dynamic and it is wonderful.

They are change-bearers because if you take the experience maps there is evidence of a will to intervene on logic and processes. One says to be ready for change.

This is why I decided to deepen how to realize a user experience map so download the pdf, read it and pay with a tweet.

User experience map: a practical guide (free ebook)

The Italian version is here

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